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The beauty of a pun is in the "Oy!" of the beholder.

List of Available Newsgroups:

 rocksolid rocksolid.shared.encryption
Public keys, encrypted messages etc. 210
 rocksolid rocksolid.shared.entertainment
Entertainment discussion and articles. 245
 rocksolid rocksolid.shared.freenet
Discussion and questions about Freenet. 51
 rocksolid rocksolid.shared.general
General discussion, questions or requests. 659
 rocksolid rocksolid.shared.hacking
What do you want to hack today. 534
 rocksolid rocksolid.shared.helpdesk
Tech questions and maybe even answers. 291
 rocksolid rocksolid.shared.i2p
Discussion and questions about I2P. 573
 rocksolid rocksolid.shared.linux
Questions, comments and discussion of Linux. 327
In the News. 301
 rocksolid rocksolid.nodes
Discuss specific Rocksolid nodes. 548
Questions and Help for node administration. 1160
 rocksolid rocksolid.nodes.announce
Rocksolid node announcements. 495
 rocksolid rocksolid.shared.offtopic
If it doesn't fit, this is the place. 376
 rocksolid rocksolid.programming
Computer programming discussion. 13
 rocksolid rocksolid.shared.rocksolid
Discuss the rocksolid network. 288
Tips, hints and articles about security. 271
General non tech chat. 214
 rocksolid rocksolid.shared.test
The place to test. 12
 rocksolid rocksolid.shared.tor
Discussion and questions about Tor. 279
 dovenet DOVE-Net.Advertisements
 dovenet DOVE-Net.Debate
 dovenet DOVE-Net.Entertainment
 dovenet DOVE-Net.Firearms
 dovenet DOVE-Net.General
 dovenet DOVE-Net.HAM_Radio
 dovenet DOVE-Net.Hardware_Software_Help
 dovenet DOVE-Net.Hobbies
 dovenet DOVE-Net.Internet
 dovenet DOVE-Net.Pro-Audio
 dovenet DOVE-Net.Programming
 dovenet DOVE-Net.Religion
 dovenet DOVE-Net.Sports
 dovenet DOVE-Net.Synchronet_Announcements
 dovenet DOVE-Net.Synchronet_Baja
 dovenet DOVE-Net.Synchronet_Discussion
 dovenet DOVE-Net.Synchronet_Javascript
 dovenet DOVE-Net.Synchronet_Programming
 dovenet DOVE-Net.Unix
 fms anime
 fms audiobooks
 fms censorship
 fms documentaries
 fms ebooks
 fms fms
 fms freemail
 fms freenet
 fms freesite
 fms history
 fms humor
 fms movies
 fms music
 fms news
 fms politics
 fms privacy
 fms public
 fms science
 fms security
 fms sites
 fms technology
 fms test
 fms tv-episodes
 fms video
 computers alt.bbs
Computer BBS systems & software. 158
Ads for various computer BBS's. 959
 computers alt.bbs.mystic
No description. 1777
 computers alt.bbs.synchronet
 computers alt.comp.freeware
Free software that was intended to be free. 7075
 computers alt.comp.hardware.pc-homebuilt
Building your PC from motherboards and cards. 1396
Discussion about Microsoft Windows Version 10 34039
For all things related to Microsoft Windows version 11. 5029
The 8th installment of Microsoft Windows, the GUI OS from hell. 132
Community support of web browser 3231
Community support of mail/news client. 4361
Community support of browser/mail/news. 1748
 computers alt.config
config. 65
 computers alt.culture.usenet
A self-referential oxymoron. 243
Support for the last few Usenet fans. 523
 computers alt.folklore.computers
Stories & anecdotes about computers (some true!). 6945
Talk about free (open) news servers 2560
Discussions of Free NNTP Servers 170
 computers alt.internet.wireless
Accessing the internet via wireless devices. 730
 computers alt.irc
Internet Relay Chat material. 63
Comcast/attbi cable internet(HSI)/ISP users group. 486
 computers alt.os.linux
Use comp.os.linux.* instead. 2307
 computers alt.os.linux.mageia
Linux Distribution which is a fork of Mandriva. 2545
Mint Linux 6865
 computers alt.os.linux.slackware
Questions, answers & general talk of Slackware Linux. 1985
 computers alt.os.linux.suse
For all SuSE Linux users. 979
 computers alt.os.linux.ubuntu
Ubuntu Linux 3211
 computers alt.os.multics
30 years old and going strong. 49
 computers alt.privacy
Privacy issues in cyberspace. 703
 computers alt.privacy.anon-server
Issues surrounding programs that aid anonymity. 9391
 computers alt.sys.pdp10
The trusty old PDP 10. 809
 computers alt.sys.pdp11
The trusty old PDP 11. 272
 computers alt.test
For testing news software, servers, etc. 846
 computers alt.usenet.newbies
A place for newbies to ask questions 26
 computers alt.usenet.offline-reader.forte-agent
Forte, Inc.'s Agent offline readers. 2434
 computers alt.windows7.general
Artificial Intelligence. (Moderated) 25
All aspects of neural networks. 53
Philosophical aspects of Artificial Intelligence. 5760
 computers comp.cad.cadence
Users of Cadence Design Systems products. 43
 computers comp.dcom.telecom
Telecommunications digest. (Moderated) 2146
 computers comp.dsp
Digital Signal Processing using computers. 17
 computers comp.editors
Topics related to computerized text editing. 275
Eudora email software for MS Windows. 491
 computers comp.mail.mutt
The Mutt E-Mail Client. 154
 computers comp.mail.pine
The PINE mail user agent. 578
 computers comp.mail.sendmail
Configuring and using the BSD sendmail agent. 905
 computers comp.misc
General topics about computers not covered elsewhere. 3489
Discussing Android devices / OS. 35637
Mobile tablet PC running iPhone OS. 3713
 computers comp.os.linux.advocacy
Benefits of Linux compared to other operating systems. 14872
 computers comp.os.linux.misc
Linux-specific topics not covered by other groups. 8561
 computers comp.os.linux.networking
Networking and communications under Linux. 370
 computers comp.os.vms
DEC's VAX* line of computers & VMS. 18597
 computers comp.periphs.printers
Information on printers. 302
 computers comp.risks
Risks to the public from computers & users. (Moderated) 44
 computers comp.sys.amiga.misc
Discussions not falling in another Amiga group. 247
 computers comp.sys.apple2
Discussion about Apple II micros. 2451
Discussion about 16 bit Atari micros. 155
IBM AS/400 miscellaneous topics. 108
Arcade-style games on PCs. 1014
Adventure (non-rpg) games on PCs. 80
Role-playing games on the PC. 318
Strategy/planning games on PCs. 51
Hard drives & other PC storage devices. 255
Microchannel hardware, any vendor. 4263
 computers comp.sys.mac.advocacy
The Macintosh computer family compared to others. 8502
 computers comp.sys.mac.apps
Discussions of Macintosh applications. 1000
 computers comp.sys.mac.misc
General discussions about the Apple Macintosh. 1030
 computers comp.sys.mac.portables
Discussion particular to laptop Macintoshes. 56
 computers comp.sys.mac.system
Discussions of Macintosh system software. 5827
 computers comp.sys.mac.vintage
Unsupported Macintosh hardware and software. 167
 computers comp.sys.raspberry-pi
Raspberry Pi computers & related hardware and software. 7612
 computers comp.sys.tandem
Tandem computers and related environments. 652
 computers comp.sys.tandy
Discussion about Tandy computers: new & old. 101
 computers comp.sys.ti
Discussion about Texas Instruments. 31
 computers comp.sys.transputer
The Transputer computer and OCCAM language. 144
 computers comp.sys.unisys
Sperry, Burroughs, Convergent and Unisys* systems. 482
 computers comp.text.pdf
Adobe Acrobat and Portable Document Format technology. 347
 computers comp.text.tex
Discussion about the TeX and LaTeX systems & macros. 4558
User queries and answers. 61
 computers microsoft.public.excel.misc
Microsoft Office Excel newsgroup. 1554
 computers microsoft.public.windowsxp.general
Microsoft Windows XP newsgroup. 3362
Apple's iPhone. 14074
 computers misc.test
For testing of network software. Very boring. 361
 computers news.admin.hierarchies
Network news hierarchies. 281
Discussion of abuse of email systems. 567
Discussion of abuse of the Usenet system. 3141
 computers news.admin.peering
Article flow, server peering requests, & offers. 1720
 computers news.groups
Discussions and lists of newsgroups. 856
The Network News Transfer Protocol. 3036
Discussing software for reading network news (Usenet). 1985
 devel alt.html
Use comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html instead. 339
 devel alt.lang.asm
Assembly languages of various flavors. 398
 devel alt.msdos.batch
MS-DOS batch files. 498
 devel comp.arch
Computer architecture. 21469
 devel comp.arch.embedded
Embedded computer systems topics. 1308
 devel comp.arch.fpga
Field Programmable Gate Array based computing systems. 329
 devel comp.compilers
Compiler construction, theory, etc. (Moderated) 846
 devel comp.compression
Data compression algorithms and theory. 966
 devel comp.databases.ingres
Issues relating to INGRES products. 219
MS Windows' relational database system, Access. 232
 devel comp.databases.mysql
MySQL RDBMS technical discussions. 110
 devel comp.databases.postgresql
PGSQL Relational Database Management System. 2
 devel comp.databases.theory
Discussing advances in database technology. 199
 devel comp.emulators.apple2
Emulators of Apple // systems. 480
 devel comp.fonts
Typefonts -- design, conversion, use, etc. 71
The GNU Image Manipulation Program. 79
The gnuplot interactive function plotter. 156
 devel comp.infosystems.gopher
Discussion of the Gopher information service. 212
 devel comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html
Writing HTML for the Web. 386
 devel comp.infosystems.www.authoring.stylesheets
Layout/presentation on the WWW. 281
 devel comp.infosystems.gemini
Internet Hypertext System, Privacy, Accessibility. 593
 devel comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix
Web servers for UNIX platforms. 77
Search, Gmail, Groups, Maps, Picasa, etc. 227
 devel comp.lang.ada
Discussion about Ada*. 3978
 devel comp.lang.apl
Discussion about APL. 159
 devel comp.lang.asm.x86
Bulletin Board and Q&A for x86 assembly language topics. (Moderated) 345
 devel comp.lang.awk
The AWK programming language. 1095
 devel comp.lang.c
Discussion about C. 18261
 devel comp.lang.c++
The object-oriented C++ language. 4141
 devel comp.lang.clarion
Technical discussion of Clarion programming. 41
 devel comp.lang.clipper
Clipper and Visual Objects programming languages. 72
 devel comp.lang.clipper.visual-objects
CA-Visual Objects developer system. 613
 devel comp.lang.cobol
The COBOL language and software. 408
 devel comp.lang.forth
Discussion about Forth. 13417
 devel comp.lang.fortran
Discussion about FORTRAN. 3002
 devel comp.lang.functional
Discussion about functional languages. 68
 devel comp.lang.go
 devel comp.lang.haskell
Polymorphically-typed lazy purely-functional programming. 6
Programming in the Java language. 303
 devel comp.lang.javascript
Netscape Communications Corp.'s JavaScript language. 1447
 devel comp.lang.lisp
Discussion about LISP. 1559
 devel comp.lang.misc
Different computer languages not specifically listed. 2328
 devel comp.lang.mumps
The M (MUMPS) language & technology, in general. 531
 devel comp.lang.perl.misc
The Perl language in general. 331
 devel comp.lang.php
PHP, server side scripting. 720
 devel comp.lang.postscript
The PostScript Page Description Language. 217
 devel comp.lang.prolog
Discussion about PROLOG. 1831
 devel comp.lang.python
The Python computer language. 12241
 devel comp.lang.python.announce
Announcements about the Python language. (Moderated) 504
 devel comp.lang.rexx
The REXX command language. 70
 devel comp.lang.scheme
The Scheme Programming language. 323
 devel comp.lang.smalltalk.dolphin
The Dolphin variant of the Smalltalk language. 172
 devel comp.lang.tcl
The Tcl programming language and related tools. 7000
 devel comp.lang.verilog
Discussing Verilog and PLI. 11
 devel comp.lang.vhdl
VHSIC Hardware Description Language, IEEE 1076/87. 81
 devel comp.lang.xharbour
xHarbour programming, Clipper, and xBase. 2042
 devel comp.os.coherent
Discussion and support of the Coherent operating system. 68
 devel comp.os.cpm
Discussion about the CP/M operating system. 2213
 devel comp.os.msdos.djgpp
DOS GNU C/C++ applications and programming environment. 424
 devel comp.os.msdos.misc
Miscellaneous topics about MS-DOS machines. 37
 devel comp.os.msdos.programmer
Programming MS-DOS machines. 307
32-bit Windows programming interfaces. 526
 devel comp.os.os2.announce
Notable news and announcements related to OS/2. (Moderated) 0
 devel comp.os.os2.ecomstation
Serenity Systems operating system eComStation. 2
 devel comp.os.os2.misc
Miscellaneous topics about the OS/2 system. 23
 devel comp.os.os2.programmer.misc
Programming OS/2 machines. 160
 devel comp.programming
Programming issues that transcend languages and OSs. 2737
 devel comp.programming.threads
All issues about multithreaded programming. 1094
 devel comp.protocols.dicom
Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine. 742
 devel comp.protocols.dns.bind
Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND). (Moderated) 0
 devel comp.protocols.kerberos
The Kerberos authentication server. 473
 devel comp.protocols.time.ntp
The network time protocol. 569
SSH secure remote login and tunneling tools. 25
 devel comp.std.c
Discussion about C language standards. 372
 devel comp.sys.acorn.apps
Acorn software applications. 1411
 devel comp.sys.acorn.hardware
Acorn hardware. 322
 devel comp.sys.acorn.misc
Acorn computing in general. 963
 devel comp.sys.acorn.networking
Networking of Acorn computers. 439
 devel comp.sys.acorn.programmer
Programming of Acorn computers. 167
 devel comp.sys.apple2.programmer
Programming on the Apple II. 361
 devel comp.sys.cbm
Discussion about Commodore micros. 650
 devel comp.sys.dec
Discussions about DEC computer systems. 109
 devel comp.sys.hp48
Hewlett-Packard's HP48 and HP28 calculators. 107
 devel comp.theory
Theoretical Computer Science. 42167
 devel comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.misc
FreeBSD operating system. 607
 devel comp.unix.programmer
Q&A for people programming under Unix. 2251
Using and programming the Unix shell. 3539
 devel comp.unix.solaris
Discussions about the Solaris operating system. 152
Discussion about the X Window System. 184
 devel sci.crypt
Different methods of data en/decryption. 840


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